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Stone Security
As with all valuable things, a precious piece of jewellery requires regular care and attention. Most insurance companies specify that your jewellery should be checked annually for any signs of weakness in the settings. We at Seaess Designs take the security of your jewellery very seriously, therefore we offer a free stone checking service.

While you wait we will clean your jewellery, check the settings of your stones and inspect the clasps for signs of wear and tear.  If any work is required we will give you an immediate quote and advise you as to whether you can make a claim for the necessary work.

We cannot express how seriously you take this matter. Some insurance companies will not pay out for any loss occurred due to negligence or wear and tear. They will only settle claims for accidental damage, theft or loss.

Our philosophy is that as most people wear their rings every day they should be checked and serviced annually. If  you drive your car every day and do not have it serviced regularly, then things will start to go wrong. The same applies to your jewellery.

This service is by appointment only. Please contact us for availability. 
Pearls truly are miracles of nature. And they are very sensitive to their surroundings. Perfume, cosmetic powder or hairspray can effect their luster. Cosmetics that contain acidic substances or alcohol can likewise deprive a pearl of its shimmer.

Anyone who appreciates pearls will take pains to keep them away from contact with metal and stones. When you take your pearls off after wearing them, clean them gently with a soft woolen cloth and put them into a protective, soft case. Pearls will last longer when they are kept separate from other pieces of jewellery.

Over time the “play” naturally increases between the individual pearls on a strand, so we recommend to have your pearls inspected annually. If there is any wear to the silk thread and there is a chance of breakage we will quote to restring your pearls.
Over time the beauty of your gemstone can diminish. Diamonds are very hard stones but they can still get damaged and loose their sparkle. Gemstones such as Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Tanzanites and other softer stones are prone to losing their original beauty. We can restore your gemstones to their former glory by having them repolished. In most cases you can claim for this work from your insurance.